Author Guidelines

Style Guide

Submitted manuscripts can be in word format (.doc or .docx) or PDF. Each manuscript can be up to 15 pages in the template (including images and references).

The first page of the manuscript should clearly display the following information:

  • Paper title
  • Full name(s) of the author(s)
  • Affiliation
  • Full institutional mailing address
  • Email address

For a complete style guide description, please refer to Manuscript Template (Word). This document is formatted according to ACEE’s style guide so that authors may directly use the template to structure their paper. All papers must comply with the template as a condition of acceptance.

Quality Control and Submission Guide

ACEE is dedicated towards maintaining a high scholarly standard for each and every proceeding via our team of editors and reviewers. All submitted manuscripts are blind peer-reviewed by several experts in the relevant field according to the conference’s scope. The peer-review system works as follows:

  • All articles have been subjected to peer review administered by the proceedings editors.
  • Reviews have been conducted by expert referees, who have been requested to provide unbiased and constructive comments aimed, whenever possible, at improving the work.
  • Proceedings editors have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the materials they publish and their decision to accept or reject a paper for publication has been based only on the merits of the work and the relevance to the series.

Originality and Plagiarism

Papers must be original research or review articles that have not been published or submitted elsewhere for possible publication. Identically duplicate or plagiarized manuscripts will be retracted immediately.

Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone else’s work, in whole or in part, as one’s own and without proper given credit. ACEE is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of ethics in publishing, and thus plagiarism, malpractice, and misconduct will not be tolerated. Articles proven of such actions will be retracted immediately.

In order to combat plagiarism in publishing, ACEE uses a plagiarism detecting system as of January 2020 on all submissions prior to the review process and acceptance. ACEE archives the generated plagiarism report in case of any future plagiarism inquiries.

For more details about ACEE’s policies on ethics, please visit: ACEE Ethics in Publishing.


Copyright on any article in ACEE proceedings is retained by the author(s) under the Creative Commons Attribution license (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Authors grant ACEE a license to publish the article and identify ACEE as the original publisher.

Authors also grant any third party the right to use, distribute and reproduce the article in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Please fill in this Copyright Form and return it to the organizer.