Distinguished Chair Awards

A Distinguished Chair Award consisting of USD300 and an electronic certificate will be made to the General Chair/Program Chair/Technical Chair/Publication Chair/Financial Chair of the ACEE Conferences.


The purpose of the award is to encourage conference chairs to make outstanding and positive contributions to the ACEE Conferences.


ACEE is committed to promoting and facilitating academic exchange and dissemination. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a chair:

1. Stay up to date with the latest developments in your field,

2. Become part of ACEE conference community,

3. Receive ACEE Distinguished Chair Awards,

4. Get free conference registration, paper publication, catering and accommodation, excluding transportation.


The commitments and dedication we have planned for you as follows,

1. To visit the website of the conference and provide your suggestions, 

2. To review conference tentative schedule and make recommendations.

Chairs can attend conference either in person or remotely.

Selection Process:

Chairs will earn 60 points for every conference that are completed and will accumulate points which have no expiration date. Once a chair accumulates 60 points, he/she can redeem them for USD300.

How to Receive This Award?:

If you are willing to receive this award, please find more details at http://canada-acee.org/storage/files/cg.pdf