Computing & Information Technology Society (CITS)

Invitation Letter for Committee Member of Computing & Information Technology Society

The Computing & Information Technology Society (CITS), one of the ACEE Societies, is an outstanding professional association that bridges the gap between computing & information technology practice and research. CITS members represent the fields of computing, information technology, computer science, linguistics, management, library science, engineering, data science, information architecture, law, medicine, chemistry, education, and related technology. CITS advances similar applications of computing & information technology by providing focus, opportunities and support in training, research, publishing and continuing education to help its members build skills and develop careers.

Benefits of Committee Member:

1. Be invited to be keynote speaker at the ACEE supportted conferences and receive an outstanding keynote speaker award, including USD500 cash prize and an electronic certificate. Keynote speaker can attend conference either in person or remote video speech.

2. Be invited to be one of chairs at the ACEE supportted conferences and receive a distinguished chair award, including USD300 cash prize and an electronic certificate. Chair can attend conference either in person or remotely.

3. Be the keynote speaker or conference chair, you have right to get free conference registration, paper publication, catering and accommodation, excluding transportation.

4. Stay up to date with the latest developments in your field.

5. Become part of ACEE community.

Requirements of Committee Member:

1. Keynote speakers requirements:

Keynote speakers are usually given 30-40 minutes to speech. The speech topics need to be relevant to ACEE conferences’ topics. The preferable qualities of well-versed keynote speakers include: fluent English language, highly regarded oratory skills, intelligence and background on the topic, ability to engage an audience, creativity, a good sense of humor, strong use of visuals or audio, and openness for sharing personal experiences. Keynote speakers can attend conference either in person or remote video speech.

2. Chairs requirements:

(1) To browse the conference website and provide suggestions on the topics and peer review process.

(2) To review conference tentative schedule and make recommendations.

If you would like to be one of the CITS members, please send your Curriculum Vitae or Website Link with your colorful photo to us by email