Call for Reviewers

We seek your assistance as expert reviewer for ACEE conferences. 

As many of you may have experienced yourself in the past, reviewing for ACEE conferences is a great experience but also a demanding undertaking - the success and quality of ACEE conferences, to a very large degree, depends on the quality of the reviews.

In recognition of your efforts, your name will be listed in ACEE conference committee. We offer many benefits below for our reviewers.

Benefits as a reviewer:

ACEE is committed to recognizing and rewarding peer review. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a reviewer:

1. Stay up to date with the latest developments in your field.

2. Be recognized as a sign that you are progressing in your career.

3. Become part of ACEE conference community.

4. Receive ACEE Outstanding Reviewer Awards, including USD300 cash prize and an electronic certificate. Reviewers will earn points for reviews that are completed. The ACEE conference editor will assign 4-6 points for a review based on its degree of usefulness. Reviewers who provide detailed, constructive, tactful feedback in a timely manner will earn points more quickly than those who submit brief, vague, inappropriate statements. Reviewers will accumulate points which have no expiration date. Once a reviewer accumulates 60 points, he/she can redeem them for USD300 and an electronic certificate of ACEE Outstanding Reviewer.

5. Get minimum 10% discounts on conference registration.

If you are willing to review for ACEE conferences, please find details on how to Join the Reviewers Group and start earning up to USD30 per paper review at