Call for Supporters

we invite you to participate in ACEE conferences as a supporter free of charge. ACEE conferences aim to provide managers, academicians, scientists, and researchers in various government, public, and private sectors an in-depth look into new techniques, strategies related to computer, electronics and education.

By becoming our supporter, you expand your visibility, maximise your reach and create countless chances of networking with other like-minded organisations and individuals.

Benefits of Supporters

1. Recognition as a supporter, with organization logo in the conference program and on the conference website

2. Recognition as a supporter on the official acknowledgement board onsite at the conference

3. Use of the Conference logo

4. Will be thanked during conference opening and closing sessions

5. Discounts on conference registration for all authors from supporters

6. Most prominent logo recognition on the program, event signage, online registration forms, and on screensaver during conference breaks

Opportunities of Supporters

1. Academic Supporters

Academic Supporters are academic institutions, offering a bachelor’s and/or graduate degrees. They are also encouraged to provide information about the conference in newsletters and/or on website.

2. Professional Supporters

Professional Supporters are professional membership or educational institutions that make information about conference vailable to their members and associates.

3. Corporate Supporters