2020 International Conference of Recent Trends in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technologies

The conference website is http://www.icrteg.org and ISBN is 978-1-7773850-0-2. The front matter as follows,

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This volume contains papers presented at 2020 International Conference of Recent Trends in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technologies (ICRTEG 2020) was held in Ottawa, Canada, on October 16-18, 2020. ICRTEG 2020 provides managers, academicians, scientists, and researchers in various governments, public, and private sectors an in-depth look into new techniques, strategies, and technologies for achieving environmental sustainability through best business and technology practices. The conference covers topical issues including sustainable strategy and innovation, advanced technologies related to the 4th Industry Revolution, green digitalization, sustainable asset management (ILS, operation and maintenance, reliability, life cycle etc.), energy and defense efficient systems, green and sustainable transformation, as well as other topics like product usability, reverse and closed loop supply chain, environmental issues (carbon footprints, global warming, recycling and reuse systems, applied ergonomics, climate change), and all those topics related to logic, philosophy and history of science and technology from the green/sustainable point of view. This conference offers research contributions, constructive debates, and investigations on new legislations on disruptive technologies, green (sustainable) IT and processes, Industry 4.0, healthcare informatics and applications in terms of environmental, defense and social issues for both the manufacturing and service industries.

This year we received over 49 paper submissions and 13 high-quality papers were accepted as oral or poster presentations. Each contributed paper was rigorously peer-reviewed by reviewers who were drawn from a large pool of technical committee members as well as other international reviewers in related fields.

A key aspect of this conference is the strong mixture of academia and industry. This allows for the free exchange of ideas and challenges faced by these two key stakeholders and encourage future collaboration between members of these groups. The conference will also foster cooperation among organizations and researchers involved in the merging fields and will provide in-depth technical presentations with ample opportunities for one-on-one discussions with the presenters.

ICRTEG 2020 is sponsored by The Academy of Engineering and Education (AEE) and technically assisted by many universities and institutes. On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially express our appreciation to the international organization committee, technical committee and attendees of the international event. It is hoped that this international conference will be a precious opportunity for you to exchange scientific ideas, inspire new research and new contacts for closer cooperation, so we can envisage the future of a promising development of recent trends in environmental sustainability and green technologies.

We would like to thank all the authors and attendees for participating in the conference. We wish you have a stimulating and fruitful time at the conference, and memorable experience in Ottawa city.


ICRTEG 2020 Conference Committee

October 16-18, 2020